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03.03– 04.03

Oops I Fielded Again  

Oops, I fielded again, is an exercise in taking a 3-dimensional gallery and flattening it into a 2-dimensional drawing. Inspired by the technique of trompe l'oeil used to create the illusion of space that is not there, Byben is attempting the reverse: taking an inhabitable gallery space and creating the illusion of a 2-dimensional drawing. There will be two parts to the gallery: 1. Viewing area, where visitors can view the installation and 2. Viewed area, where visitors will become part of the installation.

The pattern used for Oops, I fielded again is one of a series of vacant patterns--vacant because they are without meaning and are intended as merely decoration. They are inspired by the lettering of tagging graffiti and the drop shadows used in the block letters of graffiti pieces. The installation is presented in the sequence of a classical landscape painting: Foreground, Middleground, and Background. Sandwiched between the foreground and the background, the people in the viewed area complete and activate the illusion of Oops, I fielded again.

Byben is an ever-changing approach to architecture and design with a sensibility that is both striking and timeless. Acknowledging that each of our projects is unique, allows us to retain a fresh approach that unfolds according to our client’s distinct needs. Byben started as a clothing company making street-wear and designing custom outfits for touring bands such as The Locust and Le Tigre. The office later reemerged as a building design office, integrating the structure and avant-garde design from its fashion label with architecture, focussing mainly on residential hillside projects. Hillside projects excite us because of the complexity of the topography and the site specificity of each project. Byben looks to vernacular architecture and progressive contemporary architecture both equally for inspiration in order to create work that is relevant now and for years to come. Byben strives to produce built work that functions with ease while maintaining an enduring, awe-inspiring sophistication.

Ben Warwas
Ben Warwas began his design work as a teenager building skateboard ramps and making streetwear. He went on to develop these interests, receiving his B.A. in Fashion design at the Massachusetts College of Art (MassArt), where he won the Award for Fashion Design two years in a row. Ben worked as an independent fashion designer costuming bands such as Le Tigre and The Locust. He then attended Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) for his Masters of Architecture where he was granted the award for best thesis.  After working at various firms (namely Anonymous Architects, Michael Maltzen, Space International, and Zago Architecture) he established his own architectural practice Byben in 2016. Though Byben initially started as a clothing company in the early 90s, it now focuses on custom architectural projects and installations. Ben has over 20 years of experience in all the aspects of designing and building architectural projects. Ben is a collaborator at the conceptual architectural firm Typical Office and is presently on the design faculty at Pasadena City College Architecture Department.

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