Wedge Gallery

04.07– 05.16

Good Guts

GOOD GUTS is a two part display of work:

1. a completed piece of work
2. “the guts” that led to that piece, i.e. any tools, remnants, discarded leftover materials, or previous versions of the fnal work.

The gallery is organized through a horizontal datum that runs through the space. The completed pieces are installed above and “the guts” lie beneath. Through this feld condition of parts and pieces the show weaves and reveals the continued cultivation of knowledge, craft and work within and beyond Woodbury University.
We recognize and celebrate the resilient students, staff and faculty that make up our microbiome at Woodbury University. We have GOOD GUTS.

Good Guts was curated by Hannah Hortick and
Vincent Yung with support from Wedge Gallery
and Woodbury School of Architecture.

Anthony Fontenot
Aviva Rubin
Ciro Dimson
Cody Miner
David Nunes Solomon
Emily Rose Vanags
Eric Giragosian
Hans Wendel
Hannah Hortick
Ismaelly Pena
Jeanine Centuori
Jesse Hammer
Jordana Maisie

Jose F Garcia
Jesus Limon
Joshua Sprinkling
Julie Riley
Mark Ericson
Matthew Gillis
Matthew Ridgeway
Parsa Rezaee
Patrick Geske
Paulette Singley
Scrap Marshall
Vincent Yung

Woodbury School of Architecture

Wedge Gallery is located on the southwest end of the Woodbury University campus. Due to the COVID-19, in person visits are by appointment only. Please email us to schedule your visit. 

7500 N Glenoaks Blvd
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