Wedge Gallery

02.03– 02.24


Graffiti is a series done in acrylic and ink referencing animation cels from the 90’s, street tags in Jersey, AND1 hoop tapes, Soulja Boy YouTube videos, and the early 2000’s.

We grew up eating the dollar tree fruit loops with strawberry milk on a Monday morning. Walking to school arguing with our buds about Allen Iverson’s playoff run. Everything at that time was about anime, rap music, and video games.

At some point, everything became about parameters given. Context, culture, and capital were intellectualized by the bureaucracies that favored groups of people over others.

So, we don’t trust the parameters given.

We trust our stories and our lives as drivers in what we intuitively make in both physical and digital spaces. Graffiti becomes the mantra.

It is anti-diagrammatic. The paintings are just tags that encompass my life and the life of many people. It’s nostalgic in its references and creates loose narratives about where we draw ideas of color, material, and form, and how I’ve drawn it from my life, not from the diagram. The parameters given can’t be ignored, but they can be tagged.

Irvin Shaifa is a Los Angeles based Architectural Designer and Artist. His interests are in storytelling and how architecture can be a medium for showcasing narratives outside of cultural standards.

Photography  by Chris Lee

Woodbury School of Architecture

Wedge Gallery is located on the southwest end of the Woodbury University campus. Due to the COVID-19, in person visits are by appointment only. Please email us to schedule your visit. 

7500 N Glenoaks Blvd
Burbank, CA 91504