Summer House 

by Hans Tursack

The Summer House—the third project in its series–was conceived as a component system in the lineage of structurally expressive Modernist experiments such as Paul Rudolf’s Walker Guest House and Michael and Patricia Hopkins’ “Hi-Tech” residence in Hampstead, London. If the first two houses were concerned with painterly opacity and surface games, the Summer House is more like a stylized piece of infrastructure which serves as a theater or frame for objects (rather than an object in and of itself).
Detail Animation
Detail Rendering

Axo Drawing
The Summer House attempts to reconcile a tectonic interest in systems that deploy prefabricated kits of parts, video game environments, rigorous geometric compositional structures, and painterly graphic systems.

Adopting visual tropes from post-war art poised on the sculpture-industrial design axis (Neo-Geometric sculptor Ashley Bickerton’s early “wall contemplation units” and Haim Steinbach’s plastic-laminated shelves for example) the house and its surrounding environment blend images of utility, pop detailing, logo-elements, structure-as-ornament, and geometric primitives.
Ground Plan, Second Floor, and Roof Plan Drawings

Section Drawing
Wedge Gallery

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