Wedge Gallery

10.08 – 10.31

Shade Shrines

Through the display of a series of models and drawings, the exhibition tells the story of awnings, visible but almost anonymous elements of the urban landscape. This project seeks to reinterpret the form and materials of these architectural components that protect the façade from the sun's rays, and furthermore, sets out to research the nature of the space created by the shade. 

Inspired by the photographs taken during a recent trip to Sicily, this exhibition studies the renegotiation of the function and form of the awnings, no longer understood as a mere architectural decoration central to the domestic vernacular, but as an indispensable element to create comfort and decrease the energy consumption produced by air conditioners in those urban constructs where hot temperatures set new records every year.

The slow manufacturing process that takes place through sewing, weaving, crocheting, matching, quilting, relating, folding and overlapping, threads and fabrics allows to transform an everyday object, conceived to be aesthetic but still functional, into a poetic object. This new designed object helps us to remember, reflect and imagine how architecture can manifest itself in a soft and discreet way. The project takes the form of a series of soft, saggy fabricated awnings without buildings.

Angelica Lorenzi is an Italian architectural designer and educator currently based in Los Angeles. Angelica is currently design faculty at Southern California Institute for Architecture, where she coordinates the DID summer program for local youth. Her research focuses on examining architecture's role and its impact on the built and unbuilt environment. Angelica's interests lie in investigating multidisciplinary formal and material explorations and how they can be applied to rethink contemporary design, as well as questions of current architectural education and creativity. Angelica’s work has been exhibited in various international Exhibitions, as the TAB Tallin Architectural Biennale, Vienna Biennale, Venice Architecture Biennale, Architekturtage Innsbruck among others. Angelica holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Innsbruck and received a Master of Architecture with distinction from Die Angewandte in Vienna.

Woodbury School of Architecture

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