Wedge Gallery

09.15– 10.13

Under Pressure

We are all under a lot of pressure, especially us misfits. In this architectural side-show attraction participate–if you dare–in unleashing the beast within. The teensy Wedge Gallery can barely contain this massive heart-pounding exhibition, where a forgotten misfit of a 3-story tall inflatable has been rediscovered from the depths of “My Basement,” and caged by architecture for your amusement, under pressure. Will you tame the home-sick misfit? OR will you unleash the beast within? Cross the dividing line between fitting and misfitting, mess and order, soft and hard, visitor and designer, art and architecture, served and servant, living and dead. Show solidarity with the reanimated beast as a fellow misfit, and stick by its side–or watch from the safety of the gallery. Fill the gaps and cracks in the misfit wall with inspirational stress-relief balls. Enter the cage to join the creature. Create stickers and drawings of encouragement to stick by the sticky inflatable’s side. Blow off some steam by sticking together. Are you a sticky misfit? 

Woodbury School of Architecture

Wedge Gallery is located on the southwest end of the Woodbury University campus. Due to the COVID-19, in person visits are by appointment only. Please email us to schedule your visit. 

7500 N Glenoaks Blvd
Burbank, CA 91504