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04.05 – 05.05Exhibition

Territories of Territory Extraction
by Drawing Agency

An exploration of the multiple vectors of forensic architectural analysis used to expose Singapore’s relationship with its supply chains.

02.28 – 03.25Exhibition

The Serlio Code
by Jean Jaminet, Gabriel Esquivel, Shane Bugni

An investigation on the drawings of Italian Mannerist architect Sebastiano Serlio through the lens of artificial intelligence.


09.12 – 10.12Exhibition

Two Timing Strangers   
by Tallulah Hood

An exhibition that builds and manipulates familiar domestic objects and imbues them with the voices of unidentifiable strangers.

10.21 – 11.03Exhibition

11.11 – 12.03Exhibition

Central Valley Accessories
by Dylan Krueger

Central Valley Accessories investigates the over-looked built fabric of Central Valley in California through photography and a shed-like installation.

Woodbury School of Architecture

Wedge Gallery is located on the southwest end of the Woodbury University campus. Due to the COVID-19, in person visits are by appointment only. Please email us to schedule your visit. 

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